Asparagus cream soup 7,90 €
Riesling–herbal-soup with croutons 7,90 €


Tatar of marinated salmon
with orange fillet, horseradish cream cheese and salad
12,90 €
with arugula and marinated feta
9,90 €


Fresh market salad with caramelized goat cheese 14,90 €
Mixed side dishes salad 5,90 €

Main courses

Oriental chickpeas-cauliflower-curry
and salad with mango and paprika
18,90 €
Sliced meat à la „Ochs“ on Tagliatelle
with rucola and parmesan
19,90 €
Fried pikeperch
on Gräwes (mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, ham) with lemon butter and salad
19,90 €
Stewed ox cheek
on Gräwes (a mixture of mashed potatoes and sauerkraut) and salad
22,90 €
Vienna Schnitzel (calf meat) with potato salad 22,90 €
Filet of Moselle-Pig
with honey-thyme-sauce,fried sweetpotato-slices and beans
21,90 €


Variation of ice cream
with berry sauce
7,90 €
Crème-Brûlée 6,90 €
Hot chocolate cake
with a liquid core, red fruit jelly and vanilla icecream
9,50 €
Cheese plate 10,90 €

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